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Seminar Friday, January 25

Sabrina Varanelli
Founder and CEO

"Infrastructure Tools for Accelerating High-Tech Medical Device Development"

The process of medical device development is expensive slow, and difficult, in part, due to the lack of compliant infrastructure tools that companies can leverage to jumpstart their development process. During this presentation, Sabrina Varanelli will give a summary of her work experience in the robotic medical device development space. She will show how her experiences led to the realization that infrastructure tools are critical for promoting growth and investment in the medical device industry, and how her company neMedIO is working to solve these problems.

Sabrina Varanelli, founder and CEO of neMedIO, is an experienced robotics engineer specializing in the development of medical and surgical robotic systems.  Her unique interdisciplinary background in medical device development includes expertise in both the engineering side as well as the regulatory and quality aspects of device development. She holds dual undergraduate degrees in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a a dual Master of Science in Robotics Engineering and Automatic Production Systems through the European Master on Advanced Robotics program. Before specializing in the medical space, she worked on robotic systems in a variety of industries including, defense, bomb disposal, infrastructure, and oil & gas industries.  She has worked on a wide variety of medical robotics projects including laser surgery for ear, nose, and throat applications, medical rehabilitation exoskeletons, and was a lead engineer on the development of the Virtual Incision minimally invasive robotic surgical system, which achieved a successful human surgery in South America. Her experiences in the medical space led her to found neMedIO to solve the unique challenges that medical device companies face when bringing new products to market.