Learning Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the biomedical engineering academic curriculum, the program is composed of research experiences, internship opportunities, and professional student organizations.

Laboratory Research

Students with an interest in specific on-going research within the department should discuss the possibility of collaboration with the principal investigator.  Please visit, faculty pages for information about faculty research interests.

Undergraduate Research Programs

NJIT offers several undergraduate research, innovation and design programs that address the significance of research experience. Please visit, the Undergraduate Research and Innovation website for more information.

Saint Barnabas Observership Program

Saint Barnabas Medical Center hosts three students as “observers” in the Department of Surgery (i.e. shadowing the doctors) for 6-8 weeks over the summer.  Please contact Dr. Antje Ihlefeld for more information.

Cooperative Education and Internships

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that gives students the opportunity to gain paid professional work experience during their academic career. Please visit the Cooperative Education website for more information or contact Dr. Alev K. Erdi, erdi@njit.edu regarding BME-specific co-op and internship opportunities.

Senior Capstone Project

The biomedical engineering curriculum includes a two-semester research project in the senior year.  This is a flagship of our program and plays a large role in getting graduates jobs in industry. For information about the latest projects please visit, https://biomedical.njit.edu/research/undergrad-research.php.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Please visit the BMES NJIT student chapter on linkedin, https://www.linkedin.com/in/njit-bmes-30367b106/.