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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Research Areas

Sergei Adamovich
Associate Professor

Neural engineering; rehabilitation engineering; computer-assisted rehabilitation.

Tara Alvarez

Neural control of oculomotor movements, functional magnetic resonance imaging

Treena Livingston Arinzeh

Applied biomaterials and tissue engineering; cell-biomaterial interaction; materials processing; surface characterization and modification of biomaterials; materials testing; in vivo models; tissue-engineering scaffolds for repair of bone and other related musculoskeletal tissues; nerve tissue regeneration utilizing stem cells.

Bharat Biswal
Mapping the brain's activity. Using fMRI to study how different regions of the brain communicate while the brain is at rest.

Namas Chandra

Traumatic brain injury, material science, molecular dynamics, nanoscale composites, nanoscale composites, biomedical engineering, superplasticity, computational material science.

Hans Chaudhry
Research Professor

Postural stability; stress and strain analysis in the cardiovascular system; optimal patterns of wound suturing; low back dysfunction; human fascia; cerebral aneurysm; and in-exsufflation for respiratory disabilities.

Cheul Cho
Assistant Research Professor

Stem cell bioengineering; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering; polymeric biomaterials.

George Collins
Research Professor

Amorphous phase in pharmaceuticals and biomaterial solids; molecular origin of physical behavior of polymeric and pharmaceutical solids; physical characterization of biomaterials; nano-fiber materials; fabrication of novel scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.

Richard A. Foulds
Associate Professor

Neuromuscular/rehabilitation engineering; neural control of human movement; machine recognition of human gesture; gesture dynamics; telemanipulation; Haptic and kinesthetic systems; multimodal human/machine interaction; mechatronics.

James Haorah
Associate Professor

Examining the underlying molecular, biochemical, and cellular mechanisms of damage to blood-brain barrier and neurovascular units during substance abuse, blast-wave brain injury or HIV infection.

William C. Hunter

Cardiac function; biomedical applications for MEMS devices.

Antje Ihlefeld
Assistant Professor
Auditory perception, signal processing, neural engineering, neuroscience, Cochlear implants, hearing aids, computational modelling of the brain, neural networks, pattern classification, big data.

Michael Jaffe
Research Professor

Biomaterial and biomolecule synthesis, fabrication and characterization, Protein and sugar based sustainable/renewable materials for biomedical, cosmetic and other commercial applications.

Alice Eun Jung Lee
Assistant Professor

Cardiovascular tissue engineering with applied mechanics; stem cells; regenerative medicine.

Xiaobo Li
Associate Professor
Computational neuroanatomy, multi-modal MRI (structural MRI, fMRI, DTI), bioinformatics, graph theory, machine learning, neuroimaging in brain development and disorders (e.g. ADHD, ASD, schizophrenia, TBI).

Raquel Perez-Castillejos
Assistant Professor

Micro- and nano-technology for cell biology and medicine; micro-tissue models; micro-physiological systems; in-vitro models of disease; microfluidics; tissue engineering; bioMEMS/BioNEMS; 3D cell patterning; hybrid microfluidic devices

Bryan Pfister
Associate Professor

Tissue engineering; developmental neural biology; axon growth; mechanisms of neural injuries; nervous system injury repair.

Mesut Sahin
Associate Professor
Neural prostheses; brain-computer interfaces; optical neural stimulation; cerebellar and spinal cord neural circuits; neural recording with multi-electrode arrays; electrode materials.