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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Dissertations and Theses

Doctor of Philosophy

Ghandhi, Ankur, Fracture Healing Adjuncts: The Role of Local Insulin and Platelet Rich Plasma Delivery on Diabetic Fracture Healing. @2006, May

Steffener, Jason, Characterization of Mismatch Between Behavioral Stimuli and FMRI Data Using the Kalman Filter.  © 2005, May

Master of Science Theses

Alheidt, Thomas Adam, Development of a biodegradable scaffold for a tissue engineered heart valve. © 2003, January

Allen, Jerome, Parametric synthesis of sign language. © 2004, May

Al-Zube, Loay Ahmed-Wasfe, Mathematical modeling and simulation of human motion using 3-dimensional, multi-segment coupled pendulum system : Derivation of a generalized formula for equations of motion. © 2004, May

Anand, Deepthi, Study of the trajectories of visually guided movement of unimanual and bimanual tasks. © 2002, January

Arora, Jagriti, Cortical Response to Facial Expressions of Young Adult Males with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Controls Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). © 2002, August

Asselin, Pierre, Relationship between the autonomic nervous system and the recovering heart post exercise using heart rate variability. ©2005, May

 Bappal, Arthika, Application of bootstrap resampling in fMRI. © 2004, May

Bergen, Michael Terrence, Computer automated experimentation for the control and assessment of the classically conditioned eyeblink response. © 1999, August

Caggiano, David J., Comparison of different signal processing algorithms to extract the respiration waveform from the ECG. © 1996

Cho, Jaeyeaon, Effects of sleep deprivation on autonomic nervous system. © 2004, May

Chua, Florence Bautista, Labview-controlled stimulus presentation on a monitor for smooth pursuit eye movement experiments. © 2003, May

Daftari, Anuj P., Labview program to obtain the initiating component of a vergence eye movement in an open-loop experiment. © 2004, January

D'Alessio, II, Jerry, Wear and friction of hylamer and polyethylene against cobalt chromium a pin-on-disc study. © 1995, January

Davies, Michelle Rene, Time frequency analysis of the electromyogram during fatigue. © 1994, January

DeMarco, Robert Michael, Data recording and analysis of American sign language. © 2003, May

Desai, Dhawal, Development of a Method to Examine Shear Stress on Cadiomyocytes. © 2002, May

Desai, Jagdip, Design of a mode of delivery for macrobead transplantation.© 1997, January

Donnelly, Diane L., Study of baroreceptor sensitivity index in chronic fatigue syndrome. © 2003, August  

Fernando, Sanjay, Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation Using Time-Frequency Analysis. © 1994, October

Godbole, Manish Suresh, An in vitro evaluation of tyrosine derived polyarylates and polycarbonate as polymeric scaffold for human mesenchymal stem cells osteogenic differentiation. © 2004, May

Griswold, Kimberly A., Gharacterization of electrspun DLPLGA nanofibers for a drug delivery system for intracranial tumors and AVMs. © 2004, May

Gu, Jiayu, A mathematical model of cardiovascular system with feedback control. © 1996, May 

Hailu, Kibrom T., Impact of Missed Beats on Heart Rate Variability using Time Frequency Analysis.  ©2005, December

Hendrickson, Lynne, Measurements of the effects of colored light on the body. © 1999, August

Herban, Matthew Joseph, Influence of exercise on oxygen uptake in mild hypertension. © 2003, August

Hoppe, Richard Peter, Partial Characterization of Extruded Colagen Tubes with Varied Material Deposition and Orientation Based on Rotation Rate and Linear Draw Speed. © 2001, May  

Irving, Amanda, Parameter based synthesis of sign language. © 2005, January

Jacobson, David Scott, Wear and friction of titanium nitride on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene under oscillating motion for evaluation of use in articulating orthopedic applications. © 1992, May

Jayaraman, Kripa, Measurement of the effectiveness of enhanced external counterpulsation on heart rate variability for patients with myocardial ischemia. © 2004, May  

Kalambur, Ujwala G., Implementation of cyclic exercise protocol on two study groups - AIDS and insomnia. © 2003, May

Kilpatrick, Ivory Camille, IInital Hertzian Characterization of the Human Tooth as a Damage Tolerant Bio-Ceramic/Bio-Compostie Bi-Layer. © 2001, August

Kim, Chol-han, Thermochemistry of vinyl alcohol and vinyl ether radical and kinetic analysis of neopentyl radical reaction with molecular oxygen. © 2002, January

Kung, Michele Liu, Interaction of disparity and accomodative vergence. © 2003, August

Kunwar, Pratap Singh, Development of fMRI compatible lower body negative pressure system. © 2004, January  

Lin, Yee-Ruh, Image enhancement and analysis of leukocyte adhesion. © 1991  

Maniar, Rakesh M., Time domain and frequency domain analysis of myoelectric signals during muscle fatigue. © 1995, January

Mantilla, Bruno A., Computational model of spasticity based on a decoupling of the alpha and gamma efferents. © 2002, May

Mao, Huijuan, Modeling, simulation and hemodynamic response analysis of arteriovenous malformation occlusion. © 1994, May

Marchetti, Laura, Relative dentifrice abrasivity on dentin and enamel. © 1997, May

Mathews, Binoy John, Design and implementation of heart rate variability measures in the time domain. © 2004, May  

Newandee, Douglas A., Measurement of the electroencephalogram (EEG) coherence, atmospheric noise, and schumann resonances in group meditation. © 1996

Noesner, Matthew Stephen, An investigation of position and force during gait-mimicking finger motions. © 2004, May

Norat, Rafael, Drowsy Driver Data Acquisition System. © 2000, August

Oza, Taral, Automated Approach for Comparative Analysis of Interval and Heart Rate Variability. © 2001, January  

Pai, Kalsank Vaishali, Dimensional study of desaminotyrosyl polyarylates. © 2002, August

Paradiso, Richard, Biology inspired joint model using engineering methods to enhance understanding of muscle activity. © 2003, August

Parikh, Abhishek Gunvant, Voice onset time variation in stop consonant to vowel transitions. © 2004, May

Patel, Alka, Infrared device to measure the eyeblink for the study of classical conditioning. © 2002, January

Patel, Avani Janardan, Extending the boundary method for solving human motion problems using a 3 dimensional coupled pendulum model. © 2004, May

Patel, Bipinkumar G., Extrusion and evaluation of degradation rate and porosity of small diameter collagen tubes. © 2004, May

Patel, Mayank K., Evaluation of effect of extrusion process variables on mechanical properties of extruded collagen tubes and effect of post extrusion treatments. © 2004, May

Patel, Rupa, Real time frequency analysis of the electroencephalogram using Labview. © 2002, January

Patel, Surinkumar, Non-linear digital control of a McKibben muscle system © 2005, May

Patel, Tanha, Quantitative assessment of reflex blood pressure regulation using a dynamic model of the cardiovascular system. © 2002, August

Patlolla, Ajitha, Characterization of mechanical behavior of electrospun non-woven mats. © 2004, August

Patraju, Ravi, Model and clinical device development for noninvasive diagnosis of low back pain and dysfunction. © 1999, January

Penugonda, Lakshmi Chitra, Ambulatory biopotential measurement. ©2005, May

Petrock, Anne Marie, Masseter Muscle Activity Resulting from Stimulation of Hypothalamic Behavioral Sites: Wavelet Analysis. © 2002, August

Puranic, Badrinath R., Qualitative assessment of myocardial oxygen supply and demand using a dynamic model of the cardiovascular system. © 1992, October  

Recber, Ali Cem, Thermal analysis of poly(desamino arylates). © 2004, August

Sahinoglu, Zafer, Analysis of multi-lead QT dispersion by means of an algorithm implemented on labview. © 1998, August

Sateesh, Seetharamiah, Characterization of sleep EEG. © 1994, October

Shady, Sally F. A Study of the parameters and stipulations involved in the design of prosthetic limb socket liners. © 2000, May

Shanmugasundaram, Shobana, Fabrication of nanofiber scaffolds by electrospinning and it's potential for tissue engineering. © 2004, May

Sherry, Gillian B., A kinematic analysis of hand configurations in static and dynamic fingerspelling. © 2004, May

Sims, Tiffany, Evaluation of postural stability using sensory organization test. © 2004, January

Sooryadas, Daya I., Biometric sensor for in-vivo applications. © 2004, May

Steffener, Jason, Encoding and storage components of verbal working memory as revealed by a factorial design, an FMRI study. © 2001, August

Subramanian, Sekar, Investigation of heart rate variability during sleep apnea. © 2004, January

Sunny, Celin, Particle size dependence on immobilized molecular sensors : Assay of nucleic acid probes attached to paramagnetic particles. © 2004, May

Swaminathan, Satheesh Kumar, Application of signal processing techniques for measurement of muscle fiber conduction velocity. © 1995, May  

Tatagiri, Grace Evangelin, Spinning of collagen fibers and characterizing thermal, mechanical, tensile and structural properties. © 2004, May

Vadi, Jeena, Analysis of acceleration and deceleration during cyclic exercise. © 2005, May 

Venkataraman, Aparna, Labview controlled study of the propagation properties of ultrasound in synthetic fog environment. © 2005, January

Vennamaneni, Swetha, Ambulatory measurement of body position. © 2005, January  

Wilen, Janina, Wavelet transform methods for identifying onset of SEMG activity. © 2004, January  

Yang, Daniel, Analysis of long-term heart rate variability using LabView. © 1999, August  

Zand-Moghaddam, Elham, Experimental investigation of wear behavior of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene under sliding motion. © 1993, May