BME 101 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

BME 105 Introduction to Human Physiology I

BME 106 Introduction to Human Physiology II

BME 111 Introduction to Human Physiology

BME 301 Electrical Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

BME 302 Mechanical Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

BME 303 Biological and Chemical Foundations of Biomedical Engineering

BME 304 Material Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

BME 310 Biomedical Computing

BME 321 Advanced Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers

BME 333 Biomedical Signals and Systems

BME 351 Introduction to Biofluid Mechanics

BME 372 Biomedical Electronics I

BME 373 Biomedical Electronics II

BME 381 Engineering Models in Physiology I

BME 382 Engineering Models in Physiology II

BME 383 Measurement Lab for Physiological Systems & Tissue

BME 384 Biomechanics Laboratory

BME 385 Cell and Biomaterial Engineering Laboratory

BME 386 Bioinstrumentation Laboratory

BME 420 Biomaterials and Biocompatibility

BME 422 Biomaterials Characterization

BME 427 Biotransport

BME 430 Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering

BME 451 Biomechanics

BME 452 Mechanics and Performance of Biomaterials

BME 469 Introduction to Human Physiology

BME 478 Introduction to CAD for Biomechanics

BME 479 BioMicroElectroMechanical Systems

BME 489 Medical Instrumentation

BME 495 Capstone Design I

BME 496 Capstone Design II

BME 651 Principles of Tissue Engineering

BME 652 Cellular and Molecular Tissue Engineering

BME 653 Micro/Nanotechnologies for Interfacing Live Cells

BME 655 Advanced Characterization of Biomaterials

BME 661 Neural Engineering

BME 671 Biomechanics of Human Structure and Motion

BME 672 Biomaterials

BME 674 Principles of Neuromuscular Engineering

BME 675 Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering

BME 676 Computational Biomechanics

BME 678 Design of Orthopedic Implants

BME 680 BioMEMS Design and Applications

BME 687 Design of Medical Instrumentation

BME 774 Principles of Neurorehabilitation

​BME 698 Biomedical Signal and Imaging Processing

​BME 698 Biomedical Translation and Entrepreneurship

BME 698 Clinical Human Physiology and Neurophysiology

BME 698 Neural Models of Speech, Music, and Hearing

BME 698 Injury Biomechanics

FED 101 Fundamentals of Engineering Design