Seminar Friday, December 5


Dr Ziad Saad
Scientific Computing
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institutes of Health


Visualization and interactive access to multimodal brain data


In modern brain imaging protocols, data from multiple modalities, contrasts, and task types  can be part of the same experimental set. Visualizing such data and derived results in the same space is important for quality control, and more importantly, the discovery of structure in the data. The task is made more complicated by different domains over which data are defined such as voxels, tracts, graphs, and surfaces, and by the quantity of data and derived parameters. In addition to visualization, we also seek to facilitate the performance of interactive queries over the data, enabling one to 'surf' the results, rather than merely creating a static rendering of one. I will present our latest efforts on this front with AFNI and SUMA, with illustrations using functional and anatomical MRI connectivity data.