2018 Spring Seminars

2018 Spring Seminar Schedule

January 17, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Xianlian Zhou, PhD
​Principal Research Scientist and Manager
Human Performance and Biodynamics Group
CFD Research Corporation, Huntsville, AL
Title: Multiphysics Human Modeling for Injury Prediction, Protection, and Performance Augmentation
January 19, 2018
Raj Prabhu, PhD
Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering &
   Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Mississippi State University
Title: Multiscale Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of the Human Brain Under Impact Scenarios and Safety Design Aspects
January 26, 2018
Joseph Zeni, Jr., PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Title: Improving biomechanical outcomes after joint replacement
January 31, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Changjin Huang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Multiscale mechanobiology: from nanoparticle endocytosis to tissue morphogenesis

February 1, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
In Hong Yang, PhD
Research Associate Faculty
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Principal Fellow (Associate Professor)
SYNAPSE. National University of Singapore
Title: Axonal Engineering for Neoroprotection

February 2, 2018
Mathew Schwartz, PhD
Assistant Professor
College of Architecture and Design
Title: Opportunities in Design for Biomechanics

February 7, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Christopher Rodell, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Center for Systems Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Title: Development of Tissue Instructive Materials for Biomedical Applications

February 8, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Mike Arun, PhD
Assistant Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin
Title: Parametric Finite Element Modeling: Reflectiion of Population and Anatomical Variations

February 9, 2018
John A. White, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Boston University
Title: The Biophysical Bases of Normal and Abnormal Correlated Activity in the Brain

February 14, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Mazen Al Borno, PhD
Distinguished Postodoctoral Fellow
Department of Bioengineering
Stanford University
Title: Computational Models of Human Movement

February 15, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Madeline Corrigan, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Biomedical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title: A Novel Approach to Increase Upper Extremity Active Range of Motion for Individuals with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

February 16, 2018 SPECIAL SEMINAR
Carlotta Mummolo, PhD
Associate Research Scientist
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
New York University Tandon
Title: Can we predict a fall? Mechanical principles of balance stability in legged systems with multiple contact interactions
February 23, 2018
Sean Kirkpatrick, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Michigan Technological University
Title: Advanced approaches for the modeling, simulation and application of laser speckle for the study of biophysical dynamics

March 2, 2018
Zadok Ruben, DVM, PhD
Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, ATI, ISTAT
Title: The Alexander Technique: Anatomical Construct, Biomechanical Tensegrity and Integrative Awareness in Movement

March 9, 2018
Daniel A. Heller, PhD
Head, Cancer Nanomedicine Laboratory
Assistant Member, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University
Title: Nanotechnologies for the Research, Detection, and Treatment of Cancer and Allied Diseases

March 23, 2018
C. Edward Dixon, PhD
Neurotrauma Professor of Neurological Surgery
Vice Chair of Research, Department of Neurological Surgery
University of Pittsburgh
Health Research Scientist
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Title: Mechanisms of Neurotransmission Deficits After Traumatic Brain Injury
April 6, 2018
Mesut Sahin, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title: Neural Interfacing with the Spinal Cord and the Cerebellum

April 13, 2018
Bruce Lyeth, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California, Davis
Title: Excitotoxicity: Historical Perspective and Novel Treatments for TBI
April 20, 2018
Joseph Mercuri
Technical Reference Librarian
NJIT Van Houten Library
Title: Library Resources
April 27, 2018
Vince Beachley, PhD
Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Chair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Rowan University
Title: Engineering polymer nanofibers with enhanced mechanical strength for regenerative medicine applications