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Bruno Mantilla

Mantilla, Bruno Antonio
Special Lecturer, biomedical engineering
612 Fenster Hall
About Dr. Mantilla

  • 2007 New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
    • PhD Biomedical Engineering
    • Dissertation: Computational Model of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics
  • 2002 New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
    • MS Biomedical Engineering
    • Thesis Title: Computational Model of Pendulum Knee Drop Test for Spasticity
  • 7/1995 -7/1996 Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia
    • Management Principles for Medium and Small size Corporations
  • 1/1994-3/1994 University Of Illinois at Chicago
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate Fellow, Stereotactic Neurosurgery
  • 8/1981-8/1985 Hospital Militar Central, Bogota, Colombia
    • Residence: Neurological Surgery
  • 7/1974-7/1980 Universidad del Rosario, Hospital San Jose, Bogotá, Colombia
    • School of Medicine
Professional Experience
  • Associate Research: Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NJIT, at present.
  • Special Lecturer: FED 101: Introduction to Engineering Design, NJIT, Fall 2003 to present.
  • Special Lecturer: BME 302: Introduction To Human Biomechanics. NJIT. Fall2002
    • Fall 2004
  • Special Lecturer: BME 303: Biological and Chemical Foundations of Biomedical Engineering. NJIT. Spring 2005
  • Special Lecturer: BME 498 -102: Introduction To Human Physiology. NJIT. Fall 2001 (at the present)
  • Numerous appointments as an attending physician have lead to a cumulative experience and knowledge in areas related to decision algorithms in the emergency room, and patient/ physician relation.
  • Neurosurgeon: Clinica Reina Sofia January 1993 -August 2000
  • Neurophysiology professor: Universidad de La Sabana School of Medicine: August 1996 -July 1997
  • Neurosurgeon: Hospital Central de la Policia February 1986 -November 1994
  • Neurosurgeon: Clinica Infantil Colsubsidio August 1985- September 1987
  • Associate Neurosurgery Instructor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, (Colombia National University) at the following Hospitals: Hospital San Juan de Dios; Hospital Materno Infantil; Hospital de la Misericordia. December 1985 -May 1988
  • Neurosurgeon: Hospital San Rafael, Bogota August 1985-March 1986
  • Compulsory Medical Rural Practice: Hospital Fructuoso Reyes Santa Rosa de Viterbo Boyaca. July 1980- July 1981
Honors and Awards
  • President, Alpha-Epsilon-Lambda Graduate Students Honor Society, NJIT Chapter, December 2003 –December 2004
  • Member Alpha-Epsilon-Lambda Graduate Students Honor Society, NJIT Chapter, May 2002.
  • Member Tau-Beta-Pi Engineering Honor Society, NJIT Chapter, April 2005.
  • Member Sigma-xi, Scientific Research Society, NJIT Chapter, May 2005.
  • Advisor NJIT Filipino Student Association, NJIT student association founded by students to promote Philipine culture and arts, November 2005
  • Honorific Mention Ministry of the National Defense, National Police Period of 1989 to 1992 (second time)
  • Honorific Mention Ministry of the National Defense, National Police Period of 1986 to 1989 (First time)
  • Mention of Honor Defensa Civil Colombiana, November 1980
Activity Center

Fun filled activity sessions for students to get a chance to colloborate together and work in teams to test theoritical concepts through practical examinations such as experimentation of frog limbs and understanding the role of ATP in skletal muscle contraction, muscle fiber types, contraction threshold, maximal stimulus, recruitment & fatigue and so forth.

Students performing in labs

11/24/2009 - Lab: CONTRACTILITY OF SKELETAL MUSCLE - To become familiar with the procedure for preparing the frog gastrocnemius muscle and its sciatic nerve (pithing, skin removal, muscle and nerve isolation).

Research Interests

Neuroengineering: Based on my previous experience as a Neurosurgeon, several areas of brain function are being currently studied and modeledusing engineering tools. Among them is the design of a computational model of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) dynamics and by extension, the patho-physiology of communicating hydrocephalus is included.

In collaboration with other members of the department, new ways of measuringaltered functions of the nervous system are being developed. (e.g.:Quantification strategies in spasticity)• Non-Linear Dynamics of Biological Systems: being conscious of theimpact and potential of non-linear dynamics, complex systems and chaostheory for the analysis and description of biological systems, and human interaction; we have developed a study group for this particular purposes in the BME department at NJIT.

  • Co-project director Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on “ Technology for Children with Orthopedic Disabilities”.
  • $ 4.5 million Grant from National Institute on Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). November 2005 – November 2010
  • Co-Principal investigator Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) “Studio Based Biomedical; Education”. $101.000 Grant from National Science Foundation (NSF), March 2002 – February 2004
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Normal Hydrodynamics, poster, BMES 2005 Annual Meeting, October 2005, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Relation Between Brain Parenchyma Compliance and Normal and AbnormalCerebrospinal Fluid Hydrodynamics, Platform presentation. Third Annual Symposium of Neural Hydrodynamics. May 2005. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Cyclical Variation of Brain Parenchyma Compliance as the Pump for Cerebrospinal Fluid, poster, BMES 2004 Annual Meeting, October 2004, iladelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Integrated Biomedical Education Using Studio-Based Learning, -Partnership for Educational Bioengineering Laboratories (PEBEL), June 2004, Lansdowne, Virginia.
  • Studio Classes Modeled on Complex System Theory In Order to Increase Creativity and Critical Thinking: Platform Presentation, 30th IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Springfield ,Massachusetts, April 2004.
  • A Computational Model Of The Spastic Behavior Of The Lower Limb: Platform Presentation, 29th IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference Newark, New Jersey, March 2003.
  • LASIK as a CAD/CAM application to Surgery,Guest Speaker, Society Of Manufacturing Engineers New Jersey Chapter, May 2001.
  • First National Symposium on Lumbar Pain Lecturer, Clinica Reina Sofia, Bogota, July 1998.
  • First Course Update on Neurology and Neurosurgery Emergencies, Clinica Reina Sofia, Lecturer, Bogota, March 15, 1997.
  • VII Medical Congress National Central Hospital, Lecturer, July 29 - August 1 of 1992.
  • IV Symposium of the National Central Hospital, Lecturer, Bogotá, October 5 -7, 1989.
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Hospital Militar Central July 1982.
  • Surgical Approaches to The Sella Turcica and Sphenoidal Sinus, Hospital Militar Central, July 1983.
  • Surgical Management of Low Back Pain, Hospital Militar Central, July 1984.
  • Basic Microsurgical Training Manual (Manual Development And Lab. Implementation)Hospital Militar Central, July 1985.