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Monroe Township, NJ

Class Standing:

About Me:
I am a first year Biomedical Engineering student also in the Honors College. I am a part of the wind ensemble here, as well as the Biomedical Engineering Society, NADI, and Global Brigades. I love going into NYC which is just a quick, 20 minute train ride from here.

Why I chose to attend NJIT:
The main factor in my college decision was the Honors College. This is also one of the few institutes I heard about that offers undergraduate research opportunities.

What I like best about NJIT:
I love the size of the campus here. Its impossible to be late to class for getting lost or missing a bus to get to another side of campus here. The class sizes are generally small providing a connection with professors and peers that would not exist otherwise.

My goals after graduation:
I want to go onto further education and get a masters degree. I hope to eventually get a PhD and proceed to work in research. As I don’t know my track just yet, I am unsure what exactly I want to work on, but my undergraduate education will inform be better what I want to do. 

My advice to prospective students: \
Get involved in multiple groups and organizations early on to make friends and really see where your interests lie. Always stay on top of your work because falling behind is very hard to get out of in college.

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