Scottsdale, Arizona

Class Standing:

About Me:
I am a second-year biomedical engineering student as well as a member of the Albert Dorman Honors College. I work at a software engineering startup as a data analyst/machine learning developer and also work in the Brain Connectivity Lab on campus. In my free time I watch basketball and football, play beach volleyball, and watch YouTube videos.

Why I chose to attend NJIT:
Biomedical engineering is still a relativity new undergraduate major so not every university has it, even less have pre-health tracks for biomedical engineering which I was dead set on. I also was looking for a relatively small campus that was affordable without too much strain on my family. Finally, acceptance to the honors college allowed me to interact with people who wanted the same things from NJIT as I did, a learning experience and a chance at the future of our dreams.

What I like best about NJIT:
The friends I have made while attending NJIT are definitely the best part. Professors are there to truly help you understand material and are even willing to have heart-to-heart conversations with you. The connections that are made here I truly believe will last throughout my life.

My goals after I graduate:
After graduating I plan on trying to get an M.D./Ph.D. and to pursue a career researching neurological effects of external transducers.

My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
Be prepared for difficulties and lots of change in your lifestyle. College alone will be a big change for anyone but biomedical engineering ramps it up. I will be honest with you there is a lot of work, not all of it interesting like you hoped, but all of it has meaning. Everything you learn should connect to something you already know and something you will learn in the future. Biomedical engineering is a mixed bag, you learn biology sure, but you also learn mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering regardless of your track.  Since there is so much to know, most people struggle at first but as long as you endure and work hard you will make it past the troubles and be better for it.