Belleville NJ

Class Standing:

About me:
I'm in my final year doing biomaterials along with the premed program. Currently I work at Jersey City Medical Center and also working on Blood Brain Barrier research here. I am also in the BS/MS program and will be graduating with master's degree in fall of 2018.

Why I chose to attend NJIT:  
NJIT was one of the few universities that had promising research opportunities for BME's. I was intrigued by the small student to professor ratio which encouraged me to get hands on experience. I really enjoy the small campus which allows to you to be familiar with fellow students. 

What I like best about NJIT:
Because it is such a small campus, you see familiar faces around campus. Being in the city, you are exposed to the different cultures and activities. I also love the fact that there are many places to eat around here which are in walking distance.

Goals after graduation:
After graduating with MS in BME, I plan to gain experience in research and development in modern medicine. Having a start-up business is something that always hoped for.

Advice for future BME students:
Biomedical engineering is most definitely one the toughest engineering majors. You must be prepared to be proficient in not just the sciences but also in math.  Like many have said before, college is not just about school but also about getting involved and having fun. With the right path, BME can be one of the best majors here. 

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