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Department of Biomedical Engineering


Our faculty are intensively engaged in research, in areas such as stem cell applications in tissue regeneration, vision and neural engineering, bioMEMS, motion analysis and rehabilitation engineering, biomaterials and biopolymers. 

Featured Research

REGENERATING TISSUE WITH STEM CELLS: Treena Livingston Arinzeh, professor of biomedical engineering, won a prestigious NSF Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers to support her work with adult stem cells. Read more.
USING ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY: Richard Foulds and Sergei Adamovich, associate professors of biomedical engineering, are using virtual reality and robotics to help patients of stroke and cerebral palsy. Read more.
PLAYING VIDEOGAMES: Sergei Adamovich explains how playing videogames can be useful in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy patients.
UNDERSTANDING BRAIN FUNCTION: Tara Alvarez, associate professor of biomedical engineering, is studying how the brain divides and controls its tasks to send and receive information. Read more.
DEVELOPING NOVEL BIOMATERIALS: Michael Jaffe, research professor of biomedical engineering, is developing biomaterials for medical use from corn derivatives. Read more.
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PhD Candidate Ian Lafond talks about his research into neuroplasticity.