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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Reisman, Stanley

Contact Info
Office: 619 Fenster Hall
Phone: 973-596-3527
Dept: Biomedical Engineering

About Me


  • Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, PhD 1974
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS 1963
  • Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, BS 1962

Courses I Teach

No teaching information found matching this UCID.

Research Interests

  • Biomedical simulation, instrumentation and signal processing
  • Signal processing of evoked potentials, ECG, EEG, and EMG signal analysis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Modeling of human feedback control systems
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Rehabilitation engineering in conjunction with the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Heart rate variability in stroke and spinal cord injured patients to assess the effect of rehabilitation on heart function.


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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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