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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Chaudhry, Hans Raj

Contact Info
Title: Research Professor
Office: 655 Fenster Hall
Hours: 1PM-2PM
Phone: 973-642-7835
Dept: Bio-Medical Engineering

About Dr. Chaudhry

Hans Chaudhry Ph.D., research professor of biomedical engineering has been at NJIT since 1991 after his retirement as Chair of the department of Applied Science in Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (India). He has been responsible for bringing together the research faculty at NJIT in the departments of mathematical sciences, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, UMDNJ, Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation, West Orange, and VA Medical Center, East Orange. This collaborative research resulted in many publications in the fields of postural stability, stress and strain analysis in the cardiovascular system, optimal patterns of wound suturing, low back dysfunction, human fascia, cerebral aneurysm, and  in-exsufflation for respiratory disabilities, in peer reviewed journals of international repute.A U.S. patent (number 6.324,419) for the apparatus titled Apparatus and Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Stretch was awarded in Nov.27, 2001 to the research team comprising H.Chaudhry; J.Federici; N.Guzelsu, T.Findley & A.Ritter. Dr. Chaudhryhas developed an automation for the U.S. Patented device ‘Anatomical Torsional Monitor’ (ATM) for evaluating the low back dysfunction and further improving this device for low back pain treatment.

Dr.Chaudhry was awarded the 2009 George W. Northup, DO, Medical Writing Award as a lead author of his entire writing team for their article "Three-Dimensional Mathematical Model for Deformation of Human Fasciae in Manual Therapy" which appeared in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) August 2008 issue. This article was recognized as the best article published in the JAOA in 2008.  



  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), Post-Doc. Training (1992-1996).
  • Commonwealth Fellow for Post –Doc Research at the University of Oxford, England (U.K.). Sept. 1969-August 1970. 
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 1967, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. (Non Linear Elasticity)
  • Agra University, India, 1954, MA in Applied Mathematics.
  • Punjab University, India, 1952, BA (Mathematics & Physics)


Professional Experience

  •  Research Professor, Bio-Medical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, (NJIT), Newark, New Jersey. 2002-present
  • Research Professor, Mathematical Sciences and Bio-Medical Engineering (NJIT). 2000-02
  • Research Fellow, UMDNJ-SOM, Stratford, New Jersey. 1996 –2000
  • Adjunct Professor and Honorary Research Professor of Mathematics, NJIT. 1993 – 1999
  • Research Fellow, UMDNJ, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, West Orange, New Jersey. 1992 – 96
  • Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, NJIT. 1991 - 1993
  • Visiting Professor, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. 1989-1990
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor; Professor and Head of the Applied Science; Director of Technical Education, Chandigarh Administration, India. 1958-89
  • Government Colleges in Punjab, India , Lecturer in Mathematics. 1954 – 1958.

Honors and Awards

Gold Medal awarded in 1954 based on First Position in M.A. in Agra University, India.
Commonwealth Fellowship awarded by U.K. in 1969-1970 for doing research at the University of Oxford, Oxford, England.
Director, Technical Education, Chandigrah Administration, India (1988-89).
Patent Awarded: Nov.27, 2001 Patent Number 6.324,419, Title: Apparatus and Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Stretch .
Inventors: H.Chaudhry; J.Federici; N.Guzelsu, T.Findley & A.Ritter

Professional Activities/Organizations

Emeritus Member, Biomedical Engineering Society, USA


Courses Taught

  • Biomechanics (undergraduate level)
  • Bioengineering (graduate level)

Research Interests

Current research interests include Postural Stability, Stress and Strain Analysis in the Cardiovascular System, Optimal Patterns of Wound Suturing, Low Back Dysfunction, Human Fascia, Cerebral Aneurysm, and In-Exsufflation for Respiratory Disabilities. Previous research interests include Non-Linear Elasticity and Continuum Mechanics.


Patent Awarded: Nov.27, 2001 Patent Number 6.324,419, Title: Apparatus and Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Stretch .

Inventors: H.Chaudhry; J.Federici; N.Guzelsu, T.Findley & A.Ritter

Selected Publications

  •  Chaudhry, H., Bukiet, B., Roman, M., Stecco, A. and Findley, T. 2013.  Squeeze film lubrication for non-Newtonian fluids with application to manual medicine. Journal of Biorheology 2, 50.
  • Chaudhry H., Roman, M. Stecco, A., Findley, T. 2011. Mathematical Model of Fiber Orientation in Anisotropic Fascia Layers at Large Displacements. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (Online).
  • Findley, T., Chandhry, H., Stecco, A., Roman, M. 2011. Fascia Research- A narrative review. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (Online).
  • Chaudhry, H., Roman, M., Singh, V.,  Attala, N.,  Findley, T., 2011. Evaluation of the Rotational Stiffness and Visco-Elasticity of the Low Back and Improving the Low Back Visco-Elasticity. International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics.Vol. 1, No. 4, 417.
  • Chaudhry H, Ji,Z, Shenoy N, Findley T. 2009. Viscoelastic Stresses on Anisotropic Annulus Fibrosus of Lumbar Disk under Compression, Rotation and Flexion in Manual Treatment. Journal of Body Work and Movement Therapies,13,182-191.
  • Chaudhry H., Bukiet B., Ji Z,  Findley T. 2008. Measurement of Balance in Computer Posturography: Comparison of Methods, A Brief Review. Journal of Body Work and Movement Therapies (on line).
  • Chaudhry H., Schleip R., Ji Z., Bukiet B., Maney M., Findley T., 2008. Three dimensional mathematical model for deformation of human fascia in manual therapy. JAOA, 108, 8, August 2008.379.
  • Chaudhry H., Huang C, Schleip R, Ji Z, Bukiet B, Findley,T., 2007 .Viscoelastic Behavior of Human Fasciae under Extension in Manual Therapy. Journal of Body Work and Movement Therapies. 11,159-167.
  • Chaudhry, H. Lott D., Prestigiacomo C., Findley T. 2006. Mathematical model for the rupture of cerebral saccular aneurysm through three dimensional stress distribution in the aneurysm wall. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology .Journal of Mechanics in Biology and Medicine. 6,3, 325-335.
  • Chaudhry,H., Findley,T.; Quigley,K;. Ji,Z.; Maney,M ; Sims,T; Bukiet,B.& Foulds, R.
  • Postural stability index is a more valid measure of stability than equilibrium        score. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, July/August 2005; vol 42, No 4, pp-547-556.
  • Chaudhry,H., Findley,T.; Quigley,K; Bukiet,B.; Ji,Z.; Sims,T.& Maney,M. Measures of Postural Stability. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 2004;vol.41, No. 5, pp-713-720
  • Chaudhry,H.R.,Bukiet,B.and Kirshblum,S. Analysis of stress and Pressure in the Human Alveolar Wall Before Bursting. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology Vol. 4, No.2, pp.1-7, 2004
  • Ji,Z., Findley,T.; Chaudhry, H.& Bukiet, B. Computational Method to Evaluate Ankle Postural Stiffness With Ground Reaction Forces. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. March/April, 2004, vol.40, No.2, pp-207-214.
  • Dawn A.Lot and Chaudhry, HR. On the Use of Infinite Elements for Determination of Optimal Closure Patterns Based on Stress Analysis. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. Aug.2003, vol.6, No.4, pp. 225-234
  • D.A. Lott- Crumpler and Chaudhry,HR Numerical Technique for Optimal Patterns for Suturing Wounds of Complex Shapes to Foster Healing. J.Biomehanics, (2001) vol. 34, 51-58.

Invited Presentations

  • Chaudhry Hans,Findley Thomas, Huang Chien, Zhiming Ji., Schliep Robert, Bukiet Bruce, and Maney Miriam. Three Dimensional Mathematical Models for the Deformation of Human fascia. Fascia Research Congress. October 4-5, 2007. Harvard Medical School, Boston.
  • Dawn A. Lott, Hans Chaudhry, Michael Siegel, and Charles,J.Prestigiacomo.Joint Sessions of Cerebrovascular Surgery and American Society of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (JSCVS/ASITN) at San Diego, California, Feb. 1-4, 2004
  • Dawn A. Lott, Hans Chaudhry, Michael Siegel, and Charles,J.Prestigiacomo. Two Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Model to Assess Flow Characteristics of an in vitro Aneurysm Model.Joint Sessions of Cerebrovascular Surgery and American Society of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (JSCVS/ASITN) at San Diego, California, Feb. 1-4, 2004
  • Bukiet,B., Chaudhry,H., Kirshblum, S. and Bach,J. Modeling Air Flow in the Lungs during In-Exsufflatioon. American Physical Society (APS), Nov.14,2003 
  • Chaudhry, H. Bukiet, B., Arora, A., Regan, T. and Ritter, A. A Mathematical Analysis of Heart reduction Surgery, Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference, Orlando, Florida, April 4, 2001.