Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes of the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT

Program Educational  Objectives

Objective A
To prepare students for productive careers related broadly to biomedical engineering.  It is anticipated that BME graduates will embark upon diverse career paths, serve the medical device/pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries, and use their education in a variety of related endeavors including medicine, dentistry, law, business, government, and other engineering/scientific fields.

Objective B
While working within their selected career path, we expect that our alumni will demonstrate the following traits:

  1. BME alumni are integrators: we expect BME graduates to integrate their fundamental knowledge of sciences, mathematics, liberal arts, and engineering analysis into actions that address and solve a wide range of problems, especially those related to medicine and biology.

  2. BME alumni continue their professional growth: we expect BME graduates to advance their skills through professional growth and development opportunities provided by participation in a professional society, continuing education, or graduate study in engineering or other professional fields.

  3. BME alumni are engaged in service: we expect BME graduates to engage themselves in service to their chosen professional societies as well as their local, national, or global communities.


Student Outcomes

Student outcomes are on display in the Department Office and listed on the University Web site

BS BME Enrollment and Graduation Data




Total Enrollment

Degrees Awarded

2017 96 29 331 64
2016 63 17 298 54
2015 84 13 298 63