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Biomedical engineering is an exciting and challenging field in which medical knowledge and scientific information are transformed into practical applications and medicines that help people to live longer and stay healthier.

Some biomedical engineers look at how different substances are processed in the body and generate medicines to enhance those processes. Others focus on developing materials that will promote healing or that can replace worn or injured body parts. Some biomedical engineers specialize in electronics or mechanics that have medical applications.

Some of the tasks performed by biomedical engineers include:

  • Using computers to study and model human movement that could aid have applications in physical therapy for the disabled or building a better basketball sneaker.
  • Designing new medical instruments to aid doctors in surgery or patient treatment.
  • Develop the manufacturing process for new medicines to fight AIDS or cancer.
  • Create bio-materials that will aid healing bones or enhance mobility for patients who've suffered traumatic injuries.
  • Build bionic hands, arms, or legs.

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