Sayreville, NJ

Class standing:

About me: 
I am a freshman in the Albert Dorman Honors College majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in biomaterials on the pre-health track. My passion in this field stems from my interest in both the maths and sciences. One day, I hope I can apply the knowledge I gained in my undergraduate career into the medical field. I long for the days I will be working in a hospital to save lives. Also, in the past couple months on campus I’ve gotten involved with the Pre-Health Society, Global Medical Brigades, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Nucleus. I’m looking forward to going to Ghana this spring break to help empower communities in need.

Why I chose to attend NJIT: 
I chose to attend NJIT primarily because of its Honors College. Once I got accepted into the school, I could not give up the offer. Also, NJIT focuses on undergraduate research which is something I am interested in getting involved with. 

What I like best about NJIT: 
NJIT has a great student to faculty ratio. The class sizes are small and I don’t feel like a number here. Also, since the campus is small, it is super easy to get around. I always feel productive here. 

My goals after graduation: 
Once I graduate, I plan to attend medical school to become a neurologist. I've always been fascinated with the brain and its complexity. 

My advice for prospective students: 
My advice to prospective students is if you learn how to manage your time, you will be able to succeed. Although the course load for BME seems intimidating to some, in reality it comes down to time management. If you are able to stick to a schedule, you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you’d like. 

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