Harrison, NJ

Class standing:

About me:
Currently pursuing my undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering after switching my major from Chemistry and adding on Applied Mathematics to the mix. EOP cohort, BMEs member, Tutor, Study Abroad Ambassador, and Volunteering everywhere. 

NJIT is one of the campuses that servef my needs and offered many courses that would further my studies. It is also one of the least costly compared to other universities in New Jersey and has one of the best Biomedical Engineering programs around. 

What I Like Best About NJIT:
NJIT has a wide cultural variety, with many cultural communities and organizations. The professors are friendly and understanding to the needs of the students and you can interact with them as the class sizes aren't very big. 

My goals after graduation:
After graduation, I hope to pursue my graduate degree in the same field, as well as work abroad with different companies around the world to help not only patients in the Americas but in parts of the world where healthcare is lacking. 

My advice to prospective students:
Always take steps to learn new things. No one can take knowledge away from you. When the times are rough, take a step back and take a good look at your surroundings, yourself, and your options, because it's your path you pave not a path paved by another. And 90% of opportunities are there, only if you show up to them.

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