Rockaway, NJ

Class Standing:

About me:
I am a second year undergraduate student studying to complete a bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering. I am a member of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Pre-Health Society and the Biomedical Engineering Society at NJIT. On the side, I work with a mobile salon where I style hair and give mani & pedis. Additionally, I love to Hip-hop dance!

Why I chose to attend NJIT:
When applying to colleges my senior year, I was set on  majoring in Biology then go to graduate school for a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. However, I looked into and applied to NJIT suggested from a family member and came upon Biomedical Engineering. This major incorporates engineering with medicine which was very appealing to me. After visiting NJIT, I fell in love with the small campus size, the low faculty-to-student ratio, and the overall atmosphere. Along with its affordable tuition, I knew NJIT was where I wanted to study for the next four years.

What I like best about NJIT:
The small campus and small class size makes me enjoy coming to NJIT. Because of this small atmosphere, you are apt to get to know everyone on campus, allowing for a more welcoming and communal like atmosphere. The  students and staff are so encouraging and are eager for you to succeed which is a motivating factor to me.

My goals for after I graduate:
I hope to enter graduate school to attain a doctorate degree in physical therapy where I would like to specialize with those using prosthetics and getting accustomed to walking with them. Biomedical engineering would give me a great basis on how prosthetics work.

My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
Biomedical Engineering is a very interesting and rewarding field. It encompasses engineering and medicine to ultimately improve quality of life and health. It is a tough major but the key to doing well and success is to manage your time well and know how to balance your social life and academics. If you put in the effort and prioritize your time you will do great. Biomedical Engineering is an excellent field to work in. It has potential for many job opportunities due to how expanse and diverse this field is.

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