Pequannock, NJ

Class Standing:

About me:
There are many ways that get involved on campus. I serve as the Vice President of the Filipino Student’s Association and Public Relations officer for the Honors Biomedical Engineering Society. I am also a Peer Leader for the New Student Orientation and I am a member of various research labs throughout campus.

NJIT has a well-organized and established Biomedical Engineering program. Along with the small classes and great professors, it wasn’t hard to decide to go here. The beautiful campus and the lively environment makes going to college feel less stressful.

What I Like Best About NJIT:
NJIT provides a special experience to its students as it shows the importance of academic success accompanied with involvement in extra-curricular activities. With an emphasis on research and development of next generation technology, NJIT offers different labs and departments that provide opportunities to become researchers and employees.

My goals after graduation:
One day, I hope to own a medical device company that provides customers with assistive and rehabilitative services and devices which will, hopefully, allow patients to regain functions and structures which have been lost due to sickness.

My advice to prospective students:
You are here for yourself, and no one else. Your future is based on the decisions you make every day. Make every moment and opportunity count. Your first priority in college is to learn. Keep on learning and growing.

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