Brick, NJ

Class Standing:

About Me:
Throughout my years at NJIT, I stayed heavily involved in the biomedical engineering department as a BME Ambassador and BME Representative of the NJIT Student Senate. I also previously interned at LifeCell, where I improved sealer performance by identifying and eliminating special cause variation in the seal strength of human tissue pouches. This year, I interned in the Investment Casting Cell at Stryker Orthopaedics, where I served as engineering support, engaged in a combination of day-to-day process testing, implemented problem solving for maintaining manufacturing operations, and completed projects on enhancing process control. In my free time, I enjoy running and watching shows on Netflix. A fun fact about myself is that my left pointer finger is shorter than my right pointer finger!

Why I chose to attend NJIT:
NJIT has a highly respectable BME department with smaller class sizes, which attracted my attention. Coming from a high school in which teachers prioritized my academic growth and development, I was eager to receive a similar one-on-one interaction that I knew was vital to my education.

What I like Best About NJIT:
NJIT has so many opportunities to offer to students. It was after attending the Career Fair and talking to different companies that I gained my first internship. NJIT’s Career Development Services served as an excellent resource for me to revise my resume, and I now feel as if I have a presentable profile to give to companies during interviews.

My goals for after I graduate:
After receiving my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in Spring 2017, I will begin working as an Associate Operations Engineer at Stryker! After gaining technical experience as an engineer, I plan to pursue my MBA in order to work in engineering management.

My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
Without a doubt, biomedical engineering is one of the toughest majors at NJIT. Not all of your friends may receive as heavy of a workload as you, so it is easy to get distracted. However, it is imperative that you set aside time to socialize and time to focus on your academics. I also advise that you seek internships and research opportunities as early as possible because these experiences will provide you with exposure to different aspects of biomedical engineering and help you specialize in your career.

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