Intended Track:

Morris Plains, NJ

Class standing:

About me:
I am a freshman resident in the Albert Dorman Honors College studying Biomedical Engineering in the 7-Year Medical Program. I dream of becoming a successful practicing doctor one day, gaining the utmost satisfaction of helping people in need. On campus, I am involved in Biomedical Engineering Society, Pre-Health Society, Engineers without Borders, and Intramural Soccer. I am also the current Freshmen Liaison for Association of Indian Students. I aim to try and experience as much as I can as a freshman and narrow my interests in the upcoming years to what interests me the most. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, basketball and football. I am also a hip-hop dancer and love listening to all types of music. I love to travel and learn about different cultures.

Why I chose to attend NJIT:
I chose NJIT because of its well-structured and reputable program (BME with 7-year Medicine). Not many universities offer such a unique track for undergraduate students. When I visited campus, I was amazed with the buildings, serene campus, and friendly vibe of the student body. Above all, I fell in love with the Honors Dorms. NJIT is just 20 minutes away from home and serves as a home away from home.

What I like best about NJIT:
The dining hall at NJIT is one of my favorite places. Of all the campuses I have visited, NJIT has the best cafeteria for students to meet new people and satisfy their hunger with quality food. I also appreciate the abundant resources available for studying and socializing, in terms of study and TV lounges. I also like the fact that the student body here at NJIT is very supportive and encourages each other to succeed. Due to NJIT’s perfect size, it feels great to walk around campus knowing people and smiling.

My goals for after I graduate:
Graduation is still three to four years ahead, but I plan on pursuing medical school in the future. I aim to become a successful practicing physician in the USA. I also would like to give back to NJIT and the Honors College.

My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
Although a freshman myself, I can already say that selecting BME is a decision worth committing to. Although it seems difficult based on the course load, it is how you make of it. There are so many professors and upperclassmen waiting for you to approach them with questions. In regards to the social aspect, certainly go out and take part in as many on campus activates as possible during freshman year, because you can learn so much by meeting people in this diverse campus. An important thing to keep in mind is don’t seclude yourself into a “clique”. Move around campus with different people so you can gain unique and memorable experiences. One thing I learned right away is that you can accomplish anything, grab opportunities, and enjoy the college life if you simply step out of your dorm and explore campus.

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