Bridgewater, NJ


Class Standing:
Second Year, Senior


About Me:
I was born in Pakistan, and I came to America when I was only 2. I’m 6’4’’. I love playing/watching basketball, mostly because I played for my high school team (Go Jaguars!).  I love playing videogames and watching TV/anime with my friends.


Why I chose to attend NJIT:
I chose NJIT for several reasons. The faculty at NJIT is amazing and the student-teacher ratio is small enough where getting to know your professor is not a challenge. I also came because it was close to home here in NJ and, of course, I got a hefty scholarship.


What I like Best About NJIT:
The best thing I love about NJIT is the community, my fellow students, and my upper-class colleagues. I had no idea that I would fit so well with the community, but so many people here share several of my greatest passions, which makes it all the more easier to make friends and get involved with the community. I’ve participated in research, attended events, and found people who I’ve hung out with almost every day I’ve been in college!


My goals for after I graduate:
I plan on going to medical school and pursuing a career in medicine as that is where my heart lies. Hopefully, I’ll be able to graduate with a Master’s degree and take that with me for the rest of my life.


My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
College is no joke, in fact, be prepared for a huge culture shock as you move on from high school to college. It’s a lot more work, especially for Biomedical Engineers. But with hard work comes a huge payoff, so if you’re willing to put the work in and really apply yourself to take that leap to the next level of education, then Biomedical Engineering at NJIT is for you. It’ll be challenging, but with great challenge comes great rewards!


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