Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


Jersey City, NJ


Class standing:


About me:
I am a fourth year student, who has altered/transitioned in many distinct ways throughout these almost four years. NJIT has kept me very busy in terms of constantly exposing me to various challenges, which has trained my mind to accept any test without fear and nervousness. It not only helped me gain confidence but also permit me to make myself comfortable in my surroundings of not only known peers but also the individuals outside of my community. I have very well learned from my past experiences from my courses that has pushed me to the extent to realize my capabilities, strength, and weakness that with full preparation comes time management and with time management comes confident.


Why I chose to attend NJIT:
First, NJIT is the closest engineering school to my home and less time consuming in commute. Second, its cutting edge research has indeed attracted me and my eager to do a research in one of the BME professor’s lab has given me an opportunity to work on a project in a Tissue Engineering lab.


What I like best about NJIT:
Professors of the class are reachable and are willing to support and build a healthy academic relationship with students. In addition, the clubs and several societies on campus allows students to play a leadership role and learn to juggle the academic responsibilities and the duties put forth to fulfill a leader’s role. Realistically, that’s the scene of a real life in the world today. Thus, I consider myself very fortunate to be enrolled at NJIT and given several opportunities to push myself to the limits. Moreover, I am feeling ready to take part in a real world industry, accept the challenge to demonstrate my leadership skills and constantly building on to it. 


My goals for after I graduate:
After I graduate, I am planning to gain an industry level experience at the same time continuing my post-graduate studies.


My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT: 
Never be disheartened with your failure, instead take it as an encouragement and work harder the next time. We all have heard the saying, "It’s never too late to start something;"  it is true but you are in college for a certain number of years, not forever. Hence keeping the time span in mind and taking very quick action is the key that helped me adapt and survive through NJIT. Always encourage yourself, by rewarding the quality work you have done. Try to start the assignment the day it is assigned and keep track of the DEADLINES. I recorded all the deadlines on my Google calendar, a great way to view all the upcoming assignments and exams and workshops coming up for a particular month and it keeps me on track. If you feel you are getting overwhelmed, take a moment and seek help from advisor


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