West Milford, NJ

Class Standing:

About me:
My name is Jake Campbell and I am a senior at NJIT. During my time here I have served on Student Senate, worked as a Resident Assistant for Residence life and the Educational Opportunity Program, worked with the Vice President of the University, and overall have been very involved in the NJIT community.

Why I chose NJIT:
I chose NJIT for the city life and the many possibilities on campus. Being such a large school with a low student-to-faculty ratio I knew I could easily make many connections with professors and be very involved on campus. After coming for an open house and seeing the tissue engineering labs I was immediately hooked on NJIT.

What I like best about NJIT:
The professors are wonderful and the BME community is very close. Learning about classes and finding help from older BMEs is easy and if there are any issues the department is there for you no matter what. The best part out of it all is the hands on work you get to experience as soon as you start. You really get a feel for the major from the start and understand what the department is all about. From start to finish the BME department is always looking out for your best interest and really cares about each and every one of their students.

My goals for after I graduate:
I want to work in biotech as a project manager. Working as an ambassador and many other roles across campus has shown me how much I love working in teams and the BME department at NJIT showed me how wonderful the biomedical industry is.

My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
NJIT is not an easy school and choosing BME as a major only makes it that more difficult. But the NJIT BME program is phenomenal and if you take the time to work hard and know the faculty you will have access to so many possibilities. Come in for an open house and have a conversation with anyone from the department, student or faculty. When you see how much passion everyone has when they talk about this department and how much we all love what we do, you'll know it's well worth the effort. After 4 years here I have faced difficulties that comes with this major and never once have regretted the decision.

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