Woodbridge, NJ


Class standing:


About me:
I'm currently an intern at the Liberty Science Center and Central Jersey Physical Therapy Association- concentrating on medical application to STEM related research and experimental developments. I'm also a BME track leader at Newark Technical High School and Orange Academy & project coordinator for the Real World Connections Program under Dr. Eljabiri at NJIT. Mentor in the Newark College of Engineering & Society of Women Engineer's Mentorship Program. Started a tutoring company promoting STEM education especially motivating girls into exploring engineering fields.


Why I chose to attend NJIT:
There were multiple reasons I fell in love with NJIT. The small classrooms helped to bridge a relationship with my professors and peers making it easier for me to ask questions; you are also familiar with a lot of people on campus because it's smaller. Finally, NJIT is know for it's balance in both education and research which prepares you with skills you need once you graduate.


What I like best about NJIT:
NJIT becomes your second home because you have another family here- it's very close knit. It's great to have support and motivation about your education to future aspirations from both friends and faculty here. I wouldn't be able to find that anywhere else.


My goals for after I graduate:
Continue my work in the STEM field while working on an upcoming motion capture project. Introduce a robotics program in my local community and then return for my masters. Afterwards, work on motion capture for sport's performance and rehabilitation.


My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
Osho once said the greatest fear in the world is the fear of the unknown. It's very daunting entering a new community but remember everyone has been in your shoes! Identify your weakness' and set goals to overcome them. The best part is that the faculty and staff are always here to help you grow and become successful. Set your limits high, and you'll be surprised what you can achieve.


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