Mount Laurel, NJ


Class Standing:


About me:
I am a resident student and member of the Albert Dorman Honors College. I serve on the Student Senate as Vice President of Student Affairs, after a two-year stint as the BME Representative. I am the Public Relations Director of the Honors Student Council, and a staff writer for the NJIT Vector, our student newspaper. I also serve as the Scholarship Director of my fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi. I've worked as a biomechanics tutor for the department, and currently work in Dr. Alvarez's Vision and Neural Engineering Laboratory (VNEL). After spending a semester and a summer at VNEL, I received a ten thousand dollar IEEE-EPICS grant for my work in that lab, which I plan to continue as my Master's thesis.


Why I chose to attend NJIT:
The generous scholarships offered to me by the Honors College were my main reason for choosing NJIT. I was also attracted by the size of the BME department - it small enough to get to know most people, but large enough to have well-funded research labs.


What I like best about NJIT:
The people are definitely my favorite part of NJIT. I'm a BME, so I have BME friends, but I also spent time with the other Student Senators, my Archie friends, and the brothers in my fraternity. Yes, college is primarily about learning, but my fellow students make the learning more fun.


My goals after I graduate:
.I am currently enrolled in the five year BS/MS program, so I'll be staying here for at least one more year. I may pursue a Ph.D. after that, or work for the FDA.


My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
It's rough sometimes, it really is. The program is not for everyone. If, however, you really sink your teeth into your classes and develop a good skill set, the personal reward is fantastic. I've never encountered such an interesting field of study before, and I doubt I will ever be bored. Also, pick up some programming experience, it will help you immensely.


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