Staten Island (NY)


Class standing:


About me:
I am a senior but am enrolled in the BS/MS program, which will allow me to spend one extra year at NJIT and finish my Masters in BME.   I am very active on campus – I was the captain of the NJIT swim team for the past 2 years and am a Resident Assistant.   I am the secretary of the Biomedical Engineering Society and am part of the Albert Dorman Honors College.   


Why I chose to attend NJIT:
The notable BME department and Honors College were huge factors in drawing me to NJIT.   I also considered things like how close NJIT is to my home and family, the activities I would be able to participate in, and the diversity of the campus. 


What I like best about NJIT:
I really love NJIT but my favorite thing about the school is the size – it’s so personal!    I really like that you are not just a face in the crowd here.  Every professor (especially in the BME department!) has known my name and will say hi when they see you walking around campus.  It is easy to make friends and form a niche here because of how close-knit the NJIT community is. 


My goals for after I graduate:
I will be getting my Masters after graduation and when I graduate in May 2014, I would like to work in industry, specifically for an orthopedic device company.   I want to be able to use my mechanical knowledge in a hands on way.


My advice to prospective students interested in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT:
My advice for students interested in BME is to go for it!   BME is such a huge and diverse field that will open up so many doors for you.  Do you like science?   Have an interest in medicine?   Like to apply your knowledge?  Then BME is great!   You can’t be scared or intimidated by your course work – just realize that it is a great field and will be rewarding one day.   It’s worth the hard work! 


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