Seminar Friday, January 26, 2018

Joseph A. Zeni, Jr., PT, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences
Rutgers University

Improving biomechanical outcomes after joint replacement

Total joint replacement is the gold-standard surgery for patients with end-stage knee and hip arthritis. Although joint replacement reduces pain and improves function, most patients continue to demonstrate abnormal movement patterns in the years after surgery. These abnormal movement patterns increase joint loads in the non-operated limb and may be the underlying mechanism for arthritis progression in the "good leg" after surgery. Our team has worked to quantify movement asymmetries before and after joint replacement and we have developed rehabilitation interventions to normalize movement patterns after surgery. We have incorporated clinically-viable methods to provide real-time biofeedback of force symmetry and joint angles to patients recovering from surgery, in the hopes of improving short- and long-term outcomes. This talk will discuss the role of biomechanics in contralateral arthritis progression, as well as our previous and current rehabilitation strategies that focus on movement retraining.