Seminar Friday, April 6

Mesut Sahin, PhD
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Neural Prosthetics Laboratory

Neural Interfacing with the Spinal Cord and the Cerebellum

Neural interfaces that can acquire the motor command signals directly from the CNS are of great value for quality of life in individuals with high level of paralysis. Volitional signals can be tapped into at multiple levels along the anatomical pathways starting where they originate in the cerebral cortex and as they descend to the spinal cord. In our laboratory, we are interested in interfacing with the CNS outside the cerebrum, particularly at the spinal cord and the cerebellar levels. During my talk, I will present novel methods of recording volitional signals from the spinal cord and the cerebellum in rodents as well as the wireless micro stimulators that we have developed for chronic neural stimulation in the most mechanically challenging and mobile parts of the CNS.