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GBMES-sponsored BME seminar


Richard Russo
President and CEO
Endomedix, Inc.


Starting Out in Medical Devices: A Long and Winding Road


Richard Russo has had wide-ranging career in the medical device industry. Starting out in sales, he had held positions in sales management, product management and marketing. He has also been hands on and managed regulatory affairs, clinical trials, product development, strategic planning and acquisitions, all of which led eventually to general management. He has worked for such organizations as American Hospital Supply Corporation, CR Bard, Electro-Biology and Osteotech. He was also start up manager and investor in a startup, Meditron Corporation, which was successfully acquired by a public company.

Richard is currently the president & CEO of a startup medical device venture, Endomedix, Inc., located at the EDC incubator in Newark, New Jersey. Endomedix has developed a patented hydrogel technology for surgical hemostasis, tissue sealing and tissue engineering indications.

His presentation will highlight key parameters of the medical device sector, including the size, structure, and drivers of growth and direction for this industry. Comparisons and contrasts with the larger pharmaceutical sector, especially ‘Big Pharma’, will be used to make the information presented understandable and actionable for people trying to find career opportunities in the medical products field. The presentation will include suggestions on how can identify job opportunities and prepare oneself to be successful in interviews.